6 Super Cute Washi Tape Crafts For Kids

For You and Your Friends

What is more fun than getting together with friends and working on crafts
together? Whether you’re having a sleepover, facing a boring Saturday
afternoon, or celebrating a birthday, these projects are perfect for doing with
your BFFs.
Let’s face it, those storebought jewelry-making kits are so expensive—
plus, you’re limited to the design options they give you. With washi tape, you
don’t need to spend tons of money to make your own cute accessories, and
you can choose your own colors and patterns!
In this chapter, you will find tons of great ideas for decorating your
electronics, as well as instructions for how to create your own unique jewelry
and accessories. You can quickly customize all of these ideas to create
something that matches your personal style. Retro? Sporty? Sophisticated?
Bold? You name it, you can make it! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get

1 Laptop Sleeve :

If you are the kind of person who likes to change things up all the time,
then this project is perfect for you! You can use this same technique to
cover practically any electronic device, like a tablet or iPad. With only
a few materials, you can create an awesome cover that shows off your
favorite colors and patterns.

Washi tape
Magnetic dots (optional)

1 . Wrap the posterboard over your electronic device to get a
measurement for the cover. The posterboard should fit around
your electronic device twice. It should wrap around the device
like a book cover with a few inches of extra space on the ends.

2 . Using your pencil and ruler, create an outline of where you
should cut the posterboard to fit your device. Leave about one
inch on each side just in case you make any mistakes!

3 . Once you have measured the posterboard, cut out the part you
are going to use.

4 . Cover the posterboard with washi tape. Make sure you wrap
around the front and back of the posterboard you just cut. You
can alternate between different colors and patterns of washi
tape for a unique design.

5 . Add some self-adhesive magnetic dots on the inside of the
cover to create a closure for your cover (optional). The
magnetic dots will keep the device from sliding out.

6 . All done! Now you have a totally unique design for your
electronic device.

2 Popsicle Stick Bracelet :

If you’re looking for a different kind of bracelet, here’s another idea!
This type of bracelet is strong enough to hold some extra sparkle—like
some rhinestones, glitter, or other embellishments. You can buy craft
sticks at a craft supply shop or the dollar store and make them into
bracelets in no time.

Popsicle or flat craft sticks
Water, pot, tongs
Glasses or mugs
Washi tape
Embellishments (such as markers, glitter, rhinestones, stickers,
Glue (if using embellishments)
Mod Podge and brush (optional)

  1. You’ll need to soak the wooden Popsicle sticks in water in order
    for the wood to become pliable enough to bend into a bracelet
    shape. Put them in a bowl of water and let them soak overnight.
  2. The next day, have a parent help you boil water in a pot. Let the
    sticks soak in the boiling water while the pot is still on the stove
    for 20–30 minutes to help make them even more pliable.
  3. While the sticks are soaking in the boiling water, find a glass or
    mug that’s roughly the same size as your wrist. You’re going to
    use this to form the shape of the bracelet. The wood will stretch
    a bit to get over your hand, but you don’t want to make the
    bangle too small, as it could crack when you try to slide it on.
  4. Have a parent use tongs to remove the Popsicle sticks from the
    pot one at a time, and place them inside the rim of your chosen
    glass or cup to be shaped before they cool off. If you wait for
    the sticks to cool, they will crack when you put them in the
  5. Once the Popsicle sticks are completely dry and you do not see
    any water on them, they should easily slide out of the cups.
    This can take anywhere from 24–48 hours.
  6. Decorate the bent stick bracelets with washi tape by wrapping
    the tape down the stick. For an extra touch, add your name or a
    word with markers or pens, or add glitter, rhinestones, or any
    other decorations. You can seal the design with Mod Podge, if
    you like.
  7. Once it’s decorated to your liking, your bracelet is ready to

3 Feather Dangle Earrings :

The look of feather earrings is fun and cute, but the retail versions can
be really pricey. Making them out of inexpensive, easy-to-find
materials can get you the look you need without burning through cash.
You can make them to match your school colors, favorite outfit, or
make each earring different, for a really quirky look!

Washi tape
Craft scissors
Hole punch
Earring hooks (2)

  1. Pull out approximately 2″ of washi tape. (The measurement
    doesn’t need to be exact.)
  2. Fold the washi tape back onto itself so that all the adhesive is
    covered, making sure to press out any creases or bubbles. Cut
    off the folded piece.
  3. Repeat these steps with another piece of washi tape. Once you
    have two folded strips, you can move on.
  4. If you want the feathers to be the same size, stack the two
    pieces of folded tape on top of each other and fold them
    lengthwise (the long way).
  5. Cut a half-oval shape on the folded washi tape with your
    scissors, making sure you cut through both pieces.
  6. When you unfold the pieces of tape, you should have two oval
  7. Fold the pieces of tape back in and make a bunch of short cuts
    on the sides. If you don’t want the cuts to be even, you can
    freehand the cuts, or you can use a pencil to mark the areas
    you would like to cut.
  8. Unfold your washi tape, and you should now have two cute little
    feathers! Separate each cut with your fingers to make the
    pieces stick out more.
  9. Next, grab the small hole punch and make a hole at the top of
    the “feather.” If you don’t have a hole punch, you can carefully
    puncture a small hole with a pen or the tip of your scissors.
  10. Finally, loop an earring hook through the hole you just made.
    The feather should slip onto the earring hook easily, but for
    extra security you can use pliers to adjust the earring hook
    open, and then to close it again. Now your earrings are ready to

4 Bobby Pin Flower :

Natural flowers are beautiful to wear in your hair, but they can be hard
to find, difficult to position exactly right, and, unfortunately, they will dry
up within a few days—if they even last that long! With these flower
hairpins, you will never have to worry about that. You can layer the
petals to create a bolder look, or just create a simple everyday pin to
wear to school. The flower pins are perfect hair accents for a special
event, like a school dance or holiday party. Let’s get started!

Wide washi tape
Small hole punch (optional)
Bobby pin (or bobby pin base)

  1. Start with a 2″-wide washi tape. Pull out a strip of the washi
    tape measuring about 2″ long, and then fold the tape onto itself
    so that it measures only 1″ and all the adhesive is covered.
  2. Fold the strip of tape in half the long way to make it easier to
    cut, and then cut a half-oval shape for the petals. When you
    unfold the tape, it should look like a half oval. Repeat steps 1
    and 2 about five to seven times, depending on how full you
    want the flower to look.
  3. Make sure the petal is still folded. Using a pair of scissors or a
    tiny hole punch, cut a tiny circle through the uncut end of the
    petals. Don’t cut it too close to the edge, or the petals may rip
    when attaching them to the bobby pin.
  4. Pull the petals through the bobby pin, one by one.
  5. Use superglue to secure the petals exactly where you want
    them, if necessary. Superglue can be really messy—and sticky!
    —so make sure you protect your work area with newspaper,
    wear gloves, and be careful not to spill any glue. (If your bobby
    pin has a base for attachments, you can just glue the flower
    petals on it.)
  6. For the center of the petals, just cut out a small strip of washi
    tape and crumple it up into a little ball.
  7. Place the little ball in the middle of all of the flower petals and
    secure it with superglue.
  8. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes, and your flower is ready
    to wear!

5 Barrette :

Not a fan of really girly bows? Do you prefer a more simple look for
your hair? You can make cute patterned barrettes instead. Like the
bows, you can create virtually any color barrette to match your outfit,
or give them to friends as gifts. There are tons of ways to spice up the
barrettes, too. You can find the white craft foam in bags or sheets at a
craft store.

White craft foam
Washi tape (at least 1″ wide)
Mod Podge
Barrette clip
Rubber gloves

  1. Cut out a small piece of white craft foam, approximately 1⁄2″ ×
    1″. You can increase or decrease these measurements
    depending on the size of barrette you would like.
  2. Place your desired washi tape over the strip you just cut out.
    The foam not only acts as a flexible base, but it also gives the
    washi tape colors a brighter look.
  3. Fold any excess washi tape over the edges to completely cover
    the white foam board. You should only see the washi tape
  4. Since these barrettes might be in your hair daily, it is really
    important to use a sealer on the design to protect it from wear
    and tear. Brush on a layer of Mod Podge and let it dry for a few
  5. When the Mod Podge is dry, grab some superglue and glue a
    barrette clip onto the back of the foam board. Superglue can be
    really messy—and sticky!—so make sure you protect your work
    area with newspaper, wear gloves, and be careful not to spill
    any glue.
  6. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes, and your new barrette is
    ready for use.

6 Bow Ring :

Who says bows are just for your hair? These super cute rings make
any outfit more fun.

Washi tape (width your preference)
1⁄2″-wide washi tape
Ring base
Superglue (optional)
Rubber gloves (optional)

  1. Pull out 8″ of washi tape. Once you see how this bow comes
    out, you can use more or less than 8″, depending on what size
    you want your bow to be.
  2. Fold the washi tape onto itself so that you have a 4″ strip. Try to
    get all of the edges to line up, and avoid getting any air
    bubbles, pockets, or creases.
  3. Once you have folded the tape, cut it off the roll with your
    scissors, and make sure both of the ends are even.
  4. Fold the ends of the strip towards the center to make two loops.
  5. Use a strip of the 1⁄2″-wide washi tape to wrap around the center
    and secure the loops of the bow in place. This may be tricky at
    first, but if the loops come undone, just try again.
  6. Grab a long strip of your 1⁄2″-wide washi tape, and this time
    wrap it through the ring base and all the way around the front of
    the bow to attach it to the ring. You can also use some
    superglue for added security.
  7. Once you have wrapped it around a few times, cut the tape and
    be sure no edges are showing in the front. You are all done!